King’s Landing from Game of Thrones is in…New Jersey?

King's Landing

Apparently the fantasy world of Westeros is a lot closer for those of us in the Northeast than we previously had thought. The sign above was found in New Jersey, although not anyone from Game of Thrones, none of the Lannisters or Margery Tyrell, were spotted outside.

I think the funniest thing about this is that this is actually a beach cottage in Cape May, NJ with seven bedrooms five and a half bathrooms (that’s some pretty nice digs right there) that has just been recently renovated. It was just renovated this past year, and as you can see from the sign, the initial building of King’s Landing actually dates back to 1885. Therefore, there’s obviously no possible way that this could have any connection to Game of Thrones at all since the first book wasn’t published until over 100 years after King’s Landing was established.

Still, though, I’d like to imagine that George R.R. Martin wrote some of A Game of Thrones here and got the idea for the capital of King’s Landing from this summer cottage. Maybe he was burning up in the oppressive July heat and just kept hoping for winter to come, and then the Starks and Winterfell and the direwolves and the White Walkers and everything else just sprang to his mind. Or probably not, but hey, I can hope, can’t I?

Ultimately, this King’s Landing is probably a thousand times better than the one in Game of Thrones. I mean, the chances of you keeping your head in Cape May, NJ are most definitely higher than they are in Westeros.

Photo via Imgur

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