Justin Bieber Cries at VMA Awards, Men Around the World Puke


People are calling it an out of body experience. People are saying that you can no longer hate him? Sorry folks, but when Justin Bieber cries at the VMAs, I certainly didn’t feel that either of these applied. Until the “Baby Baby Baby” singer proves otherwise I have to take this at face value. Face value means that it was a load of crap. Then again I must admit it does take some serious acting chops to pull this off.

This is what VH1 wrote of the event: After killing it with the dance moves as per usual and pulling a short aerial stint a la Pink, the Biebs broke down in tears, overcome by the emotion of his comeback. Even when host Miley tried to move on, the Biebs just couldn’t. Seriously, he was like, hysterical. If you still hate him, you arguably do not have a soul.

Do not have a soul? Nope I still hate him. Zero question about it. Am I jealous of the guy? Eh, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. Anyone who has that much money and women at a young age have to be envied. Then again anyone who pisses in bars, crashes his car in rich neighborhoods, and blows it with Selena Gomez is someone I just can’t rally around.

If you ever want to get pissed off just watch this over and over.

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