Johnny Football Was at Fenway Last Night With a Group of Ladies

Johnny Football

Johnny Football was at it again last night, doing his typical thing of going to awesome places with groups of really attractive women. Last night he was at Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox game and was surrounded by four (yes, fellas, that’s right, four) gorgeous girls. The kid hasn’t even played a real NFL game yet, but he’s got the NFL player lifestyle pretty much down already.

Seriously, though, it’s got to be a good to be Johnny Football right now, even if he is going to be playing for the Browns. You were picked in the first round of the NFL draft, are going to make a ton of money, and, in the off-season, you can keep going to Vegas and baseball games and partying it up smoking hot girls like he’s been doing for the past few months already.

And speaking of all the smoking hot girls that Johnny Manziel surrounds himself with, I got to wonder: what’s his secret? Is it as simple as the fact that he’s a renowned (although, in my opinion, slightly overrated) quarterback who will soon be incredibly rich because he’s going to be starting for an NFL team? Is it really the kid’s looks and athleticism? Maybe he’s got a great personality (even though he seems pretty arrogant)? Or, who knows, maybe he’s just been using the male version of LuLu?

Whatever, no matter how’s he doing it, Manziel is living the good life right now. I’m interested to see how he’ll make out this season when he heads out onto the field for the Browns, and we’ll see if he can bring that Johnny Football swagger from college and use it successfully in the NFL.

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