Johnny Damon Recreates a Classic Manny Ramirez Moment

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Back in 2004, Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez were teammates on the Boston Red Sox team that finally was able to break the curse and give Boston its first World Series title in 86 years. Last night, at Fenway Park, the Red Sox honored that 2004 championship team and brought back its former players, including Damon and Ramirez.

Now, if you recall, during 2004, one of the most bizarre but memorable plays from that season was Manny Ramirez unnecessarily cutting off a relay throw from Johnny Damon, an idiotic decision that allowed for David Newhan to score on an inside-the-park home run. Watch the video of that incident below.

So when the time came for Ramirez to throw out the first pitch last night, Johnny Damon decided to channel his own inner Manny and hilariously cut off the ball before it can make it to home plate. 

Ramirez’s interception of Damon’s throw was one of the numerous boneheaded and selfish decisions he made on the field during his seven-plus years in Boston. In fact, Ramirez’s play became so nonsensical and ridiculous during his time with the Red Sox that his behavior earned its own catch phrase: “Manny being Manny.”

Fortunately, Ramirez took time during last night’s ceremony to apologize to the Red Sox organization and its fans. “I realize that I behaved bad in Boston,” Ramirez said. “The fans were great. I also played great when I was here, but I realized I behaved bad. I apologize for that. I’m a new man.”

Let’s hope Manny can bring that “new man” philosophy to his new job as a player-coach for the Chicago Cubs’ Triple-A team. If we see any of those players falling down in the outfield for no reason or jogging their way to first base, I think we’ll know where it came from.

Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Puma

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