Joe Flacco Crushes Home Runs During Celebrity Softball

Joe Flacco Goes To Disney World Following Super Bowl XLVII Victory

Everyone knows that Joe Flacco can throw a football pretty freaking far, but did you also know that he can hit a softball just as well? At a celebrity softball game held at M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens’ home field in Baltimore, Flacco, along with teammate Jacoby Jones, crushed some monstrous home runs. Here are the Vine videos of the homers. Watch for yourself and be amazed by sheer the distance the softballs go.

While Jacoby Jones does not have any previous baseball experience (he was a track star in both high school and college and is now a pretty darn good dancer if anyone remembers him on Dancing with the Stars last year), Flacco did play baseball during his teen years, along with basketball and football, at Audubon High School in Camden County, New Jersey (which is not far away at all from Philadelphia, where I live and am from).

Even more interesting, however, is the fact that Joe Flacco’s brother, Mike Flacco, was a good enough baseball player to be drafted. He was selected in the 31st round of the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft by, coincidentally enough, the Baltimore Orioles. Mike was the starting first baseman for the the Orioles’ high class A team, the Frederick Keys, and helped them win the 2011 Carolina League championship,  hitting .250 with 5 HRs and 22 RBIs during his 50 games with the Keys.

Mike was then traded by the Orioles to the Boston Red Sox and rather than accepting the assignment, he chose to retire from baseball all together and attend the University of New Haven to play football as their  tight end. Mike is now an undrafted rookie for the San Diego Chargers and is attempting to earn his place on the team.

Whether it’s football, baseball, or softball, one thing is for certain: the Flaccos sure are a talented family when it comes to sports.

Photo by Matt Stroshane/Disney Parks via Getty Images

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