Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie Show the Evolution of “Dad Dancing”

Christie and Fallon

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night, and since Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, both he and Jimmy Fallon decided to perform a dance routine, showing everyone the evolution of “Dad Dancing” throughout the years. It’s a pretty spectacular skit that goes through any and all of the embarrassing moves that your dad (and probably yourself at one point or another) have tired out on the dance floor.

What makes this stupid skit so great, though, is how committed not only Fallon is to the dancing but also how into it Christie gets. There are so many hilariously goofy moves, from “The Passionate Elliptical” to “I Saw This One on Dancing with the Stars,” and I applaud Christie for not only keeping with Fallon on every single one but for performing each of them with energy and aplomb.

No matter what your politics are, you’ve got to admire Christie, as a bigger guy who typically gets made fun of for his weight all the time,  for going out there and giving it his all, even though he’ll probably be picked apart by people in the comments sections on YouTube.

And even if you’re not willing to give Christie credit for his dancing, at least appreciate the fact that the guy came out there and wasn’t afraid of people making comments about his political career and the recent scandal he was involved with, as you can see by Jimmy Fallon performing the “This Bridge is Closed” move by himself at the end as Christie silently walks away. I always find it hard to relate to politicians who take themselves too seriously and can’t act like a real person every once in a while. So whether it’s Christie dancing like a goofball or President Obama slow-jamming the news, it’s always great to see members of the government, from either party, showing a bit of personality.

Photo via YouTube

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