Jeremy Lin May Go to the Sixers if the Rockets Sign Carmelo

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Jeremy Lin could be a Philadelphia 76er. That’s the most recent report coming from the rumor mill, after the Houston Rockets have met with Carmelo Anthony about signing him to a major deal and also supposedly had trade talks with the Sixers about trading Lin.

Both of these reports certainly make sense. The Sixers have an ample amount of salary cap space, and because the team is still rebuilding, it’s highly unlike that they will be able to land a huge, power player from free agency. Most of those guys are looking not just for huge pay days but also for places where they have the best chance of winning. Right now, at least going into the 2014-15 season, Philly’s not the place.

However, even though the Sixers might not be able to sign major free agents, they still have the money to pick up large contracts from teams that are looking to trade some of their more expensive players in an effort to clear some cap space. That’s why Jeremy Lin makes so much sense here. He’s owed around $15 million from the Rockets this coming season, and if Houston hopes to sign someone like Carmelo or Lebron, a major impact player that they think will transform them into a championship-caliber team, they will need to get rid of some of the more pricey players.

Adding more fuel to the fire is a recent tweet  from Jeremy Lin himself, who many believe was responding to the Houston’s giant billboard of Carmelo in his number seven Rockets’ jersey by saying, “Luke 6:29 – If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.” It’s possible that Lin wasn’t commenting about the situation at all, but you know, people are going to think what they want.

Ultimately, if the Rockets do end up signing Carmelo, the sad truth is that Jeremy Lin is going to have to go. And if he’s gone, there’s not going to be any player there to stop Melo from taking Lin’s old jersey number.

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet posted by Lin after the billboard went up on Wednesday:

Jeremy Lin

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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