Jaden Smith Wore a White Batman Costume to Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

Jaden Smith

Remember the days when Will Smith was an awesomely cheesy rapper who starred in great blockbuster movies like Independence Day? Yeah, I miss those days, too. Now, Will’s a Scientologist who hasn’t landed a good film role in years, and we’re stuck with his annoying arrogant son, Jaden, who was the epitome of a tool when he wore a white Batman costume to Kim and Kanye’s wedding in Florence.

In a way, ridiculously over-the-top fashion and people acting like pretentious fools shouldn’t be too much of a surprise at Kim and Kanye’s wedding (it is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West after all, the girl who is most famous for having a huge butt and the rapper who is most famous for the being the most arrogant and oblivious person in the history of mankind). However, Jaden Smith’s ensemble, as you can see in the picture of above, is just so insane and idiotic that we had to talk about it. Not to mention, it really is too similar to the Batman costume, and Batman should never be connected to anything this annoying and ludicrous.

I just want to know what went wrong when Will Smith was raising his son. The kid’s a cocky punk who likes nothing more than having the spotlight thrown on him, no matter whether it’s for positive or negative reasons. So in a way, Jaden Smith is almost exactly like Kanye West, except whereas West is a Grammy-award winning recording artist, Smith is just a talentless kid actor with a famous dad. And if you don’t believe me, just go and watch After Earth.

Photo credit: Vogue Italia 

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