High School Teen with Cancer is Given Police Escort to Prom

High school teen

A high school teen, who has been fighting a rare cancer, got to arrive to his prom in style Friday night when a police escort came to pick up him and his date. Three police cars, accompanied by two motorcycle outriders, arrived at Kieran Maxwell’s house the night of the big dance.

Kieran Maxwell, who is 15 years old, had wanted to be a police officer when he was growing up, but those dreams were quickly dashed after he was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma, three years ago at the age of 12. Six months after his diagnosis, Keirnan had to have his left leg amputated above his left knee.

“It was absolutely incredible,” Kiernan said about his ride in the police car over to the prom. “I wasn’t expecting it. The best surprise ever. I walked out my house and all I heard was sirens. I was like ‘oh no’, I thought they were coming to arrest someone.”

While Kiernan was initially unsure of what was going on, he soon realized what was happening. A police officer came out of one the car and asked him, “Are you Kiernan Maxwell?” When the high school teen said, “Yes,” the officer and his fellow policemen informed Kiernan that the police escort was for him to go to his prom.

As Kiernan and his date Nicole, also 15, arrived at the school for the dance, the two of them were met with an enormous amount of cheers from their classmates.

“I felt special,” Kiernan said, perfectly describing the night in one word.

Kiernan wants to compete as a gymnast in the Paralympic Games in the future, and I’m sure that if and when he does participate in the Games, that he’ll receive just as many cheers as he did when arrived at prom on Friday.

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