High School Janitor Receives Surprise Gift of $1,900 from Students So He Can Visit His Grandaughter


Students at Anderson County High School in Lawrenceburg, Ky., celebrated the end of their school year not by recognizing themselves. No, instead these high school teens to express their appreciate for the school’s custodian, Ricky Spaulding by raising $1,900 for him and his wife (a secretary at the high school) so that the two of them would be able to travel to Italy together to visit their son Jacob, who is stationed there with the U.S. Navy, and their new granddaughter, Harper Elaine (just two months old), who they have not had the opportunity to meet yet.

On the last day of classes this past Wednesday, there was a pep rally in the school’s gymnasium, supposedly about the girls’ softball team making it to the state tournament for the first time, but in actuality it was just a ploy to get the Spaulding out in front of the entire high school community. The plan came into action when Principal Chris Glass stood up at the microphone.

Somebody has made a huge mess again in this gymnasium,” Glass said to the crowd of students of faculty members. “Oh no. What to do?” That’s when Spaulding was told to come into the gym, but instead of finding a mess that he needed to clean up, he was presented with the $1,900, which was hidden inside of trash bag.

“I was shocked,” Spaulding said. “I was just absolutely speechless. When I think of the generosity of the students and the staff here, just for me, just overflowing with emotion.” Spaulding’s son Jacob did not know of the high school’s surprise for his dad. He first found out about the news through a post on Facebook. “I Skyped with him that afternoon,” Spaulding told reporters, “and he said, ‘Dad, I heard you had a pretty good day today.’ I said, ‘Yeah, it was a pretty good day!'” Spaulding wants his and his wife’s trip to Italy to be “a whole family thing,” a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, he still hopes that he has the chance to sight see as well while in Europe.

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