Here’s the Real Explanation for Why Brazil Lost to Germany

Brazil Germany

As everyone and their mothers know, Brazil kind of crushed in their loss to Germany in the semi-finals of the World Cup on Tuesday, losing the match 7-1. There were jokes that Germany was up by a touchdown for much of the match and other comments similar to it, but now a video has surfaced that may provide the real explanation why Brazil lost so terribly to Germany: the Brazil soccer team wasn’t on the pitch during the match.

Okay, so maybe we suck for piling on even more jokes about Brazil losing, but this video is pretty great. Apparently, someone, I’m guessing a Brazilian fan who has a pretty solid sense of humor and also had a lot of time on his hands, to go through the painful video of all of Germany’s goal and digitally remove the Brazil players, one by one, out of the video. It actually looks pretty realistic, except for when some of the lines on the field (like ones that make up the box) start to pixelate.

Overall, I’m just glad to see that sports fans are having a good laugh with big games like this. It’s never fun when one of your favorite teams loses (in the moment, nothing feels worse actually). However, after you give it time, a few days, a couple weeks, or, even in some cases, a month or two, you can start to recognize how great of a team yours really was/is and maybe even find humor or something else in the way that they lost.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Photo via Youtube

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