The Most Handsome NBA Players in History

I’ve seen about 100 articles dedicated to the ugly players in the NBA. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve done one myself.  However, I believe I’m quite secure in my own manhood that I can admit when a man is handsome.  In fact I’ll go as far as to say “that guy is pretty handsome” from time to time. Oh come on guys!  You can’t tell me that Taye Diggs doesn’t make you all tingly.  OK maybe he doesn’t but the dude is still good looking.  With that said, while we’re years ahead of slick dudes like Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins (and Larry Bird?  No), the National Basketball Assocation does have its fair share of good looking guys. So without further delay, may I present my best effort at compiling the most handsome players we’ve seen in the NBA. P.S. I don’t care how much he looks like Ashton Kutcher, Kyle Korver is NOT good looking.

Leon Powe

Former Celtic, Powe is just stylin’ isn’t he?  What a stud.  (He’s on the right).

Kobe Bryant

I’d say Bryant is more groomed and GQ than anyone on this list.  So I suppose handsome is to follow.

Antonio McDyess

He’s got that old school smile.  Plus I met him in an airport, so he’s on this list.

Emeka Okafor

12th Annual ESPY Awards - Arrivals

I mean the guy was voted one of the top 50 most beautiful people.  Okafor is a layup for this list.  What a pretty boy.

Dwayne Wade

About as cool as they come.   Also in the GQ top 50.

Rashard Lewis

Air Jordan XX Launch Party

Don’t ask why but me and my fellas call him LEMS.  His skin’s a bit rough but the man is studly.

Tony Parker


Danilo Gallinari

The Rooster!  Caawwwww!

Kelenna Azibuike


This guy could be an Abercrombie model in about 5 seconds.

Honorable Mention to Gilbert Arenas, Ray Allen, and Chris Paul, Michael Jordan, Robert Pack

*All Images via Getty

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