Guy Selling a “Non-Mint” Condition Lebron Jersey on Ebay

Lebron Jersey ebay

With Lebron James making his big decision on Friday that he would be returning back home to Cleveland, some Cavs fans have been reclaiming their love for their old favorite player, doing their very best to forget any of the pain or betrayal that they felt when he left for Miami. However, one guy from Cleveland is putting that pain and betrayal up for everyone on the internet to see by attempting to sell a “non-mint” condition 2009 Lebron jersey. By “non-mint,” he means that he burned his old Cavs jersey when Lebron left to go to the Heat, but now that Lebron’s returning, he can finally let go of his anger.

My favorite part about this whole thing is the description that they guy filled out on Ebay, saying that the condition of the jersey is “Pre-owned” and that “It has seen better days.” The seller continues, saying how “This jersey was burned to a crisp after he left for the Miami Heat, but luckily for you I saved all of the ashes. Figuring he would eventually come back to Cleveland I have carefully stored all of the ashes in an Urn for safe keeping and preservation (Urn not included). Message me with any questions about this classic piece of history!”

Right now the Lebron jersey (or what’s left of it) is being priced at $7.50 and already has seven bids. While I think that people selling stupid stuff like this on Ebay is totally absurd, I am happy to finally see something involving Lebron that is glorifying his “second coming” to Cleveland. After an entire weekend of SportsCenter devoting every single minute to the guy, I, just like everyone else I’m sure, could use a break from him.

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