Guy Robs Girlfriend’s Bank on Valentine’s Day to Pay for Her Engagement Ring

Guy Robs GF Bank

Today, for our weird, random news of the day, we’ve got a guy from Detroit who supposedly robbed his girlfriend’s bank on Valentine’s Day in order to pay for her engagement ring. According to reports, 22-year-old Ramsey Fakhouri thought this romantic gesture (giving of the engagement ring, not the robbing of the bank) would be able to save the long-distance relationship between him and his girlfriend, who lives in Illinois.

Unfortunately for Fakhouri, it’s going to take a lot more than an engagement ring to save him from prison time. He was sentenced six and a half years behind bars in a federal prison for being a part of a gunpoint holdup last Valentine’s Day at the bank where his girlfriend worked.  Fakhouri and his accomplice, Alexander Gerth, 18, stole $26,000 from the bank. (Geth pleaded guilty in April but still awaiting his sentencing, which will take place next month.)

Making the whole situation even worse, Fakhouri’s girlfriend was actually working there on the day of the robbery. Paralyzed with fear, she watched the masked men rob the bank, not knowing at all that one of them was her boyfriend, who comforted her hours layer after the incident.

Funnily enough, the two of them actually met while art Bible college. Apparently, the whole “Thou shall not steal” commandment never really sank in for Fakhouri, although he did eventually admit to his girlfriend that he was one of the two bank robbers and surrendered himself to police afterwards.

AP Photo/Courtesy of the Highland Police Department

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