Guy Misses Out on Chance To Meet Foo Fighters Because He Was Passed Out

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Outside Concerts

Could you imagine sleeping through your chance to meet a famous celebrity? Well, that’s exactly what happened to this guy who missed out on his chance to meet the Foo Fighters because he was passed out on the ground. What makes this whole thing even better? Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones still posed for and took pictures with the guy, and these pictures have made their way to Reddit. Take a look at them.

These pictures only reaffirm what we already knew was true: the Foo Fighters were, are, and will always be awesome. I mean, especially Dave Grohl – look at the way he sticks his tongue out at the poor guy.

What I find even more interesting, though, and want to know more about is how this guy reacted after he woke up and realized what had happened. Did his friends break it to him? Did he think he had a dream where he met the Foo Fighters, only to discover that it actually did happen? Or did he not find out about until it now, when the photos were posted to Reddit? I’m not gonna lie – I really hope it’s the last one.

Finally, where was this photo taken? Was the guy at a music festival or a Foo Fighters concert and just partied too hard to make it through the whole show? The pictures make it look like it was almost taken at a hotel. Did he and his friends just happen to stay at the same place as the Foo Fighters? Honestly, we’ll probably never know the full story, and that’s okay. These pictures are so fantastic that they’re enough for me.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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