Great Workout Songs: “Hey Man Nice Shot,” by Filter

So yeah, it’s time we start posting great workout songs on this site.  You know, the kinds of songs that will add a few hundred pounds to your bench press?   And why not get it going again with a phenomenal diddy by Filter.  This song has the perfect blend of slowness slash build up followed by an amazing “pop” when the guitars go absolutely wild and you hear Richard Patrick belt out “Heeeeyyyyyy Mannnnn, Niiiiiiicee Shot!” It’s at that moment you should be doing your maximum weight on any machine.   Then when the song gets slow again, you should be taking your quick water break.  I promise you guys you’ll get a more of a work out while playing this tune.

Also, try playing it while not just working out but doing other stuff.  Put it this way, if you have a lady friend who’s into hearing that song during a good time, you are in a very good place.  I mean come on.  If you have anyone or anything that’s into that song as much as you should be you know you’re about to having a great moment with a person.

Anyway, here’s the video and here’s to getting your pump on today.

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