Girl Tries to Ride a Camel at the Circus and Everything Goes Wrong


You know those hilariously awful YouTube videos where people fall down and you can’t help but laugh at them, no matter how bad it might make you feel? Well, we’ve got another one for you right here, except this one’s even more extreme. In this video a girl tries to ride a camel at the circus, and literally everything goes wrong, as she falls off, rips her pants, and takes out a circus worker in the process.

Now, I know people who constantly fall (my mom), rip their pants (my friend Katharine), and awkwardly walks into people (myself), but I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed all three incidents occurring at the same time. That’s what we call the trifecta, right there.

Plus, you throw a camel in the mix, and the whole thing just gets a million times funnier. I mean, seriously. Out of all ways this girl could fallen, she has to be thrown off a camel in front of a crowd of people at a circus. That’s just bad luck. Normally, I try not to take too much pleasure in people’s misfortune (especially since I’m, in all actuality, an incredibly clumsy person myself), but it’s pretty hard to not laugh at this video.

Hopefully, every involved in the incident is okay physically, and concerning the mental aspect of the situation, I really hope that the girl has gotten over the embarrassment of what happened. I know I’m still haunted by mistakes of clumsiness past (and oh boy, are there so many moments of clumsiness I could talk about), but hey, at least she might become a YouTube celebrity now, right?

Photo via YouTube

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