Ghana’s Sulley Muntari Gives Out Money to the Poor in Brazil


Ghana’s Sulley Muntari  may be just be the MVP of the entire World Cup, and it has nothing to do with his play on the field. Apparently, the midfielder, who plays for AC Milan, has taken to the streets of Brazil and is giving out money to some of the area’s poorest individuals. Muntari’s actions were actually captured on film, which you can watch in the video below this article.

According to 101 Great Goals, Sulley Muntari was walking throughout Maceio,which is the city in which Ghana’s team is based out of for the World Cup this year. Reportedly, Muntari was given special permission to perform his acts of kindness by Ghana head coach Kwsi Appiah. It has been Muntari’s desire to meet and help the poor in Brazil.  In addition to handing out money to the poor, Muntair also signed photographs and took pictures with the citizens of Maceio. before the police forced him to stop.

According to, one individual that met Sulley Muntari, named  Edivaldo, said, “I’ve lived in this poor community behind the Rei Pele Stadium for forty years but have never seen anything like this before. Not once has a soccer player come here. Brazil never gave me anything but Ghana did. I will support them up to the end.”

“My 80-year-old mother and I received R$350 [Brazilian reals],” said Inês Corrêa, another Maceio citizen. “I believe that he had R$5,000 but unfortunately the police put an end to his good work. In this area we only see politicians at election time.”

Ghana tied with Germany in their last game. They play Portugal in their final game with the opportunity of qualifying from Group G  to the next round if they can defeat their opponent. You can beat that I’ll be rooting for Ghana when the two play against each other, but more specifically, I’ll be rooting for Muntari from now on until the end of his career.

Here’s the video of Muntari in Maceio:

Photo via 101 Great Goals

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