Fun Photos Showing That the Police aren’t so Bad

I’d rather not get all political here.  I’m not saying there aren’t plenty of corrupt cops out there.  But I’m also not saying there aren’t plenty of corrupt doctors either.  Humans are humans and while law enforcement we should assume is fair and just, human nature simply doesn’t make that the case.  What I am saying is that for all of the terrible cops doing awful things out there that you hear in the news, it does a terrible disservice to the men and women who actually care about human beings and upholding the law.

For the most part we should probably respect our police forces around the world.  Most of them are here to protect us, not take advantage of us.  Like I said, I’d rather not get political but this is the intended purpose of the police.  And like I said, while not all cops are good, by no means are all of them bad.

This is why I decided to share some of these “fun” cop pics so that people could get to see the lighter side of these men and woman.  Enjoy!

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