Frontier Airlines Pilot Orders Domino’s Pizza For Passengers on Stuck Flight

Pilot Orders Pizza

It looks like everyone on this Frontier Airlines flight that got stuck in Cheyenne, Wyoming got treated like they were in first class. After storms forced a Denver-bound flight to land in Cheyenne (where it stayed for a couple of hours as the bad weather passed through), the pilot of the plane ordered and bought 35 pizzas from Domino’s for all the 160 passengers on the flight

Andrew Ritchie got the call from the Frontier Airlines pilot around ten o’clock on Monday night, just as he was about to close up. According to Ritchie, the pilot told him that he needed to feed 160 people and needed to feed them fast.

“I put my hand over the phone and I said: ‘Guys, you’re coming back,’ ” Ritchie said, who was about to send his employees home for the night when he received the call.

Ritchie and his team made, cooked, and delivered 35 pizzas to the airport, where the delivery driver gave the food the Frontier Airlines flight attendants to hand out to the passengers on the plane. It typically takes Ritchie and the employees of his store about an hour to handle that amount of pizzas, but they followed the pilot’s instructions and got it done quickly. The food was ready in just 30 minutes.

“They were super excited,” Ritchie said about his employees.  “They had a blast. It was a challenge. It was definitely one of those ‘challenge accepted’ moments in time.”

The Frontier Airlines flight, which was one of dozens of planes that were delayed because of heavy rain that was moving across Colorado, left the Cheyenne airport around 10:30 on Monday morning, not long after the pizzas had arrived.

Photo by Logan Marie Torres/Associated Press

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