Flavor Flav Certainly Seems to Be Enjoying Himself at this NBA Summer League Game

Flavor Flav

So guys, I think we finally have some answers to the question that’s been burning inside of every singe person’s mind: where is Flavor Flav and what is he doing right now? Well, don’t worry, my friends, I’m here to tell you that Flavor Flav is alive and well, still dressing ridiculously, still flashing that incredibly goofy smile, and still most definitely enjoying life, as he hangs out watching an NBA Summer League game in the Vine video below.

I never thought I’d say this, but I think after watching this video, that I might actually miss Flavor Flav being on TV. I personally never watched any of his shows (although I did catch some parts of Flavor of Love a couple of times flipping through the channels), but I still would be able to see the best parts of Flavor Flav’s absurd TV shenanigans when I turned on The Soup ever week. Now, when I watch The Soup, there’s a giant medallion-sized hole in my heart that only the best Flavor Flav clips in the world can heal.

And hey, if we’re not going to get Flavor Flav back on TV anytime soon, maybe we can hear him on some new music. Perhaps he could team up with the likes of Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar or even Jay Z and add a little flavor (pun totally intended) to a new track from one the rap world’s biggest stars.

All I can know for sure is that I miss Flavor Flav, and that I hope he finds his way back to us soon. The terrible world of reality television is just a certainly more dark and scary without him being there to brighten the day with his smile and his bling.

Photo via Vine

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