Five Things We Like about the New Amazon Phone

Amazon Unveils Its First Smartphone

Amazon just announced its newest product today, its own, original smartphone called the Amazon Fire Phone. During his presentation, Jeff Bezos promoted all the special features that the Fire will have and also gave a release date for the new Amazon phone: July 25th, which means people could have their hands on one this summer. I have to say, the Fire looks really awesome. Like so awesome that it makes me wanna give up my iPhone and get one of these right away. But before I do that, let me tell you why. Here are five things we like about the new Amazon phone.

X-Ray and ASAP

The Fire is designed to work with Amazon’s already pre-established services, such as X-Ray, which allows you to view information about a video you’re watching, and ASAP, which lets you store videos that you may want to watch so that if/when you do, there available to stream instantly. Plus, there’s also a system on the new Amazon Phone similar to AirPlay that will allow you to send whatever you’re watching on your phone directly to your TV.

Prime Everything

One of the best parts about being an Amazon Prime member are all the services that it provides for you. Now, with the Fire, you’l be able to access and use Prime Music, Prime Video, and more instantly from your phone. Plus, if you’re a big reader who might not have already have a Kindle, there’s Amazon’s Immersion Reading and WhisperSync for Voice, which will allow to switch from reading to listening to a book whenever you like choose to.

The Screen

With a screen size of 4.7 inches,  the Fire has a larger screen than all of iPhone models (including the newest iPhone 5 ones) while not being too big that the phone becomes a chore to carry. Plus, it’s got an HD display (720p), something that no iPhone has ever had. And even though people say that it doesn’t matter if you have 720p on a screen that small, that it’s non perceptible by our eyes, I say let me test that theory for myself.

The Price

The Fire will cost $199 with a two-year contract, which is pretty much on par with what Apple has done with its phones, maybe a little bit better. However, for everything you’re getting with the new Amazon phone, $199 really isn’t a bad price. It’s actually pretty feasible for what most phones out there oday cost.


Had to save the best for last. While all the other features on the new Amazon phone are pretty impressive, what makes the Fire truly standout is Firefly, a new type of technology that is built into your phone and has the ability to recognize media content, like music, television shows, and movies, while also identifying real world objects and items as well. (During Bezos’ presentation, he demonstrated the use of Firefly by trying to have it identify household goods, like a jar of Nutella. Firefly was able to recognize these objects at a nearly instantaneous speed.) Reportedly, Firefly will be able to to identify up to 100 million items in total, and it is simple to use, as all one needs to do is just hold down the same button that is used as a shortcut to the Fire Phone’s camera. Additionally, Firefly will also be able to scan things, such as like signs and business cards for phone numbers and other important information while excluding and ignoring unnecessary material that is also present.

Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

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