Five Reasons We Think the Whole Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson Thing is a Hoax

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So over the past couple of days, some rumors have come out that former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett has been cheating on his wife, Kendra Wilkinson (most famous for starring in the reality show, The Girls Next Door with two other models and girlfriends of Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquadt), with a transexual YouTube model named Ava Sabrina London. The sensational story is getting a lot of media attention, as Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson’s pictures are being plastered on every gossip site around the web. There are reports that Wilkinson has thrown her wedding ring down the toilet and is done with Hank, while other sites say that she is totally willing to give him a second chance. No one is getting the “answers,” and frankly, we don’t really care because we don’t even believe the story. Here are five reasons why we think the whole Hank Baskett/Kendra Wilkinson conflict is a hoax.

Hank Baskett essentially has no career

The last time that Hank Baskett played football was back in 2010 for the Vikings, and he has been in any sort of spotlight since then, mainly being stuck in reality show purgatory with Kendra. Getting his name out there, even in a bad way, could stir interest in Baskett. Maybe he could use this new platform to express how he wants to get back into football and is ready to play.

Kendra Wilkinson essentially has no career

Aside from her old photo shoots, can someone please tell me why Kendra Wilkinson is even remotely famous? The woman has been bouncing from reality show to reality show since 2005 and knows that when that finally ends her days in the public eye are over. Maybe she’s trying to milk the public’s sympathy?

Who has an open marriage?

Reports are saying that Wilkinson isn’t upset with Hank for cheating on her but is upset that he kept it a secret from her. Apparently, the two of them have an open marriage and allow for each other to be intimate with other people. I’m sorry, maybe I’m just not “revolutionary” enough for this idea, but does anyone actually know a serious couple who would actually do this? This just sounds like an easy way for Kendra to go back to him after they’ve “talked things out.”

It makes for great material for a reality show

The pair’s reality show, Kendra On Top, is currently on hiatus but is returning later this year, and it’s already been stated that Baskett’s affair will be a part of the new season. What makes for great reality television (yes, that’s an oxymoron by the way)? Stupid, melodramatic, and fake conflict, that’s what. Having a cheating scandal to focus on provides some great (or, in other words, awful) material for a reality show.

Too many conflicting reports

As I said in the intro to this article, some sites are saying that the couple is reconciling, while others are stating that divorce is imminent. And just recently, Wilkinson was seen without her wedding ring, which was initially reported as a big “screw you” to Baskett, but it is now being explained by the fact that Wilkinson supposedly doesn’t wear her ring out in public. It appears that the couple are just happy to have their names out there, no matter what the story is saying about, no matter whether it’s the truth or lies.

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