Five Really Weird Examples of Rule 34

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The internet is a weird and sometimes twisted place. I think we can all agree on that, especially when something like Rule 34 exists. If you’re not familiar with it, Rule 34 essentially states that if something exists on the internet, there is a porn version of it. Some things out there, like certain movies or books or TV shows, are expected to have adult film parodies made about them. However, there are other things that you would not expect Rule 34 to apply to – things that are, for lack of a better word, just plain weird. Here are five really weird examples of Rule 34.

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Edinburgh Zoo's Pandas Meet The Public For The First Time


Yup. Pandas. Sweet, fun, fluffy, adorable pandas are not exempt from Rule 34. There’s a video out there called “A Panda’s Lullaby,” where a girl hallucinates a bunch of pandas (people just in panda costumes, I promise) getting intimate with one another before joining them herself, and frankly, it doesn’t just sound weird – it sounds downright terrifying.

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American Dad

American Dad

You might have expected cartoons to be on this list because of people’s interest in anime or their odd cartoon fetishes. However, the stuff out there for American Dad isn’t your typical adult cartoon stuff. No, instead this is live action pornography, with people in costumes to look exactly like their animated counterparts, even a guy dressed exactly like Roger the Alien, who stays in costume for the entire duration of the video. That’s what makes Rule 34 applying to American Dad so different than any other cartoon program out there – people didn’t just take the cartoon that was given to them and sexualize it. No, they went a ste  further to get real people involved and create something completely and utterly weird.

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86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut may be one of the most well-known mascots for any company that’s ever existed, which is why, on a completely messed up level, it makes total sense that he’d be a target for Rule 34. To my knowledge, there’s no adult film videos with Mr. Peanut in them out there on the internet. However, there are some photos that show the giant, monocled, top-hatted peanut in a bit of a compromising position. I’m not even sure how real the pictures are. However, whether they are real or not doesn’t matter. It’s still incredibly weird, and it still deserves a spot on this list.

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The Toy Fair

Angry Birds

First there were pandas on this list and now Angry Birds. Whether you’re a real animal or a video game creature, you’re apparently not safe from the evil clutches of the internet and Rule 34. The fact that someone made the cute, kid-friendly Angry Birds into something much more crude and adult than it was ever supposed to be really grosses me out, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

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Archbishop Of Canterbury Attends The General Synod


I’ll be honest: I didn’t even look up any more information on Tetris with regard to Rule 34 after I heard about it, because I figured that whatever I found would just be too “out there” than anything else I’ve seen. How people could turn this  popular video game into something pornographic is beyond me, but it’s out there, supposedly, and I’m really not sure how that makes me feel.

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