Five NFL Players You Should Be Following on Twitter This Season

Remember the days when talking to your favorite athlete meant actual face to face time and it wasn’t that long because they had stuff to do and couldn’t be bothered? It took a miracle to meet your favorite NFL player at one time as the best that most could hope for was to admire them from a distance. The times have certainly changed. Now you can twitter your favorite NFL star online and if you’re lucky they’ll respond. The trick is to actually say something that’s worth responding to of course, but if you know who to follow then there’s a better chance that you’ll get an actual response.

The days of autographs and photos aren’t gone yet, but the age of tweeting is certainly in full swing. Here are a few NFL players that you should really consider following this coming season.

5. Aaron Rodgers

Despite the fact that his numbers have been down recently Aaron Rodgers is usually pretty good about interacting with fans. He’s easy to talk to many have stated and he likes to talk about sports and observations that others bring to his attention. Rodgers is at this point considered one of the best in the game, so his insights are worth listening to.

4. Russell Wilson

A lot of people are lauding Russell as the next big thing. On the field or on Twitter he’s calm, reserved, and always on point. Plus, if you’re a Seattle fan he’s likely to thank you for your support and for being a loyal 12. This guy is pure class and Seattle is lucky to have him. Plus his work off the field is nothing short of impressive.

3. Marshawn Lynch

Use a lot of Skittles references and you should be able to get his attention. Beastmode isn’t known for being the most interactive Twitter user, but when he is online he’s usually pretty good about interacting with fans, of which he has many. Despite his move to Oakland, something that Seattle fans are still lamenting, he still has a lot of loyal followers.

2. Larry Fitzgerald

He’s kind of hard to reach simply because he’s on a team that’s full of notorious tweeters, but when he does talk he brings the truth and seeks to enlighten people as much as he can. Following Fitzgerald simply makes sense because he’s always looking pass on something that’s inspirational and uplifting.

1. Drew Brees

He’s pretty open about his life and likes to talk to fans. Aside from being one of the best quarterbacks in the league he’s also one of the most interesting athletes to talk to since he likes to interact with his Twitter followers and is able to talk about football or any other matter that people want to discuss, within reason of course.

There are a lot of athletes in the NFL that are on Twitter but these are among the best that you should think of following for updates and news about the league this coming season. If nothing else you can see whether you get a response and if you can possibly open a dialogue with them.


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