The Five Most Impressive No-Hitters in Baseball History

83rd MLB All-Star Game

Clayton Kershaw became the newest member of the no-hitter club on Wednesday, after pitching an absolutely amazing game against the Colorado Rockies, and with so many no-hitters being thrown more and more in baseball, we here at Uncoached started asking ourselves, what are the most impressive no-hitters of all time? Well, after a lot of research and some debate, we’ve got our answers. Here are the five most impressive no-hitters in baseball history.

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Clayton Kershaw vs. the Colorado Rockies – 2014

Kershaw’s name being on this list is no accident. His no-hitter on Wednesday was not simply the most recent no hitter in baseball history, it was also one of baseball’s best no-hitters. Kershaw struck out had 15 strikeouts over his nine innings, tying Warren Spahn for the most strikeouts by a lefty in a no-hitter and only two behind Nolan Ryan’s 17 strikeouts for the most all time. What Kershaw did, though, that’s even more impressive than what Ryan did in his all-time leading seven no-hitters was not walk a single batter. If it hadn’t been for Hanley Ramirez’s throwing error in the seventh inning, Kershaw wouldn’t have just pitched a not hitter. He would have thrown a perfect game.


Hideo Nomo vs. the Colorado Rockies – 1996

I promise this is the last time that the Rockies will show up on this list (sorry Rockies fans). Nomo’s no-hitter during the 1996 season is so impressive because it’s the only one that has ever been thrown at Coors Field, a ballpark very well-known for its hitter-friendly environment. And Nomo even threw this one before the Rockies got the humidor. Not to mention, six of the Rockies eight position playing hitters was batting over .300, and one of the ones who wasn’t, Quinton McCracken, was hitting .290.

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Roy Halladay

Roy Halladay vs. the Cincinnati Reds  – 2010

Roy Halladay deserves a spot on this list because his astounding pitching performance against the Reds was the second of two no-hitters he threw back in 2010. (The first no-hitter was actually a perfect game against the Marlins down in Florida.) Not only was this Halladay’s second no-hitter thrown that year, but it was also the first game of the 2010 NLDS and, even more impressive, Halladay’s first playoff appearance ever. I still remember every detail about that game. Doc was in total control from the very first pitch, and it was truly one of the best pitching performances I have ever seen so it had to be on this list.

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Don Larsen vs. the Brooklyn Dodgers -1956

Even more impressive than throwing a no-hitter in a division playoff series is throwing one in the World Series.  However, that’s exactly what Don Larsen did for the New York Yankees in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series. With the series tied at 2-2, Larsen pitched not only a no-hitter in front of the 60,000 fans in attendance – he threw a perfect game. To this day, Laresen’s perfect game still remains the only one ever thrown in MLB playoff history.

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Robertson Revised

Charlie Robertson vs. the Detroit Tigers – 1922

You might be wondering, “Chris, how could any pitching performance be more impressive than a no-hitter in the World Series?” Well, to you, I would say that when you throw not just a no-hitter but a perfect game against Detroit Tigers team with Ty Cobb on it (who hit .400 back in 1922 and was hitting .401 on the day of this game ) and boasts a team batting average of .306 (the highest team batting average in MLB history), then you most definitely deserve the top spot on this list. This was only Charlie Robertson’s fourth career start –  it never got better than this.

(Photo via The New York Daily News)

Honorable mention:  Nolan Ryan for his 17 strikeouts, the most ever in a no-hitter, but he never had any less than two walks in any of his no-hit games. Even if I find Kershaw’s performance of 15 strikeouts with no walks a little more impressive than Ryan’s no hitter with 17 strikeouts and four walks , Ryan still threw seven no hitters, three more than anyone else in MLB history, and deserves to be mentioned here.

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