Five of the Best AT&T Commercials


The AT&T commercials that have been coming out recently have been so good that they may actually convince me to switch over from Verizon (just kidding). But seriously, the phone company has been doing a great job with its commercials over the past year or so, mostly with the ones featuring Beck Bennett and the little kids (as you’ll see, they make up four of the five choices on this list). In fact, it’s weird to say but I’ve actually been enjoying some AT&T commercials more than actual TV recently. They’re just that entertaining. Here are the five best AT&T commercials out there right now.

Pickle Roll

I actually just saw this one today for the first time, but it had me laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes. This is something I don’t think I could have ever thought of, no matter how similar “pick and roll” actually sounds to “pickle roll.” What makes the whole commercial, though, is Beck Bennett’s reaction, and his deadpan delivery of, “So is this like an inside between you guys or..?”

Two Things at Once

Again, what makes this one so good is Beck Bennett. The way he watches the kid in the video and his perfectly delivered, “Hold on. I’m watching this” is truly some great comedic acting. He really sells the idea that this is something amazing, something he’s never seen before, and it’s his straight face, plus the kids’ looks of confusion, that make this my personal favorite of all the AT&T commercials.


I wonder if they gave this girl an entire jar full of candy before shooting this commercial. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. But whatever they did do work, as the young girl goes into an entire story-arced monologue about the nagging pains of being a werewolf.  First, “you’ll have to stay in and then you’ll to get shaved because you’re too hot,” and then it’s pretty much all downhill from there. I knew I liked zombies and vampires better than werewolves for a good reason.

We Want More

Similar to the werewolf girl from above, I love how the young girl in this commercial is able to just go a huge, nonsensical tangent for the entire commercial, telling her fellow kids and Beck Bennett why more is better than less. As usual, Bennett delivers the punchline, as he stares at the girl as if she has just said something profound, and tells her, “I follow you.” Can we get this man his own comedy show, please?

Network Guys in the Office

I figured I had to ditch the kids and change it up for at least one of these choices. This commercial really shouldn’t work. There’s nothing truly catchy or different or special about it. But somehow it makes me laugh, simply because of that exchange at the end between the nerdy Indian guy and the office girl. I think it’s the unexpected answer to the “Did you fall from heaven?” question. The girl responding “Kind of,” and the Indian dude’s laugh are what make this commercial memorable instead of something bland and boring.

Honorable mention: The “Queen My Dishes” commercial – so good.

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