Five Awesome KFC Commercials

KFC Introduces New, Healthier Menu

Ever since I saw a Walter Payton KFC Ad (which is in this list), I kind of wanted to find a bunch of KFC Commercials.   Honestly I have no clue why.  I suppose Burger Kind and McDonalds are better targets.  However, I’ve eaten at both of these places.  For some reason I’ve never, in my entire life, had the pleasure of eating at a Kentucky Fried Chicken. I can’t imagine it tastes any different from Popeye’s or any other fast food chicken joint.  But like all companies that advertise, there always winds up being a few (well more than a few) commercials that either entirely sucked or just completely missed the mark. I’m not sure what these commercials did but they were worth putting up here because they’re kind of awesome.

MC Hammer

It’s never Hammer time until the last piece of popcorn chicken is gone. You can count on that.

Candace Cameron and Guy that Looks like Jim Carrey

Can this guy remind you of Jim Carrey any more? Not a chance. And remember that little girl with the red hair? She was on that robot show Small Wonder. Man was that show terrible.

Walter Payton

Anything with Walter Peyton is clearly awesome and no one can argue that, ever.

What Beats Air Guitaring?

Honestly when I’m getting ready for KFC I definitely get the urge to do some air guitar in my bedroom.

This Dad is awesome

Dad: One. Girl: Zero.

Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

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