Father Claims Kingdom for His Daughter so She Can Be a Princess

Man claims kingdom

Here’s probably the most interesting, random news you’ll hear all day.  A father from Virginia has claimed a kingdom in Africa. Why did he just claim some random kingdom in Africa you might wonder? So that his daughter be an actual, literal princess.

The father’s name is Jeremiah Heaton, and he has stated that no long ago he had gone on a trek to a tiny, mountainous area between Egypt and Sudan called Bir Tawil. Reportedly, no country in the region claims that land. It, essentially, is up for grabs. And that’s why Heaton planted a flag there that was created by his children – thus making him king of the unclaimed kingdom, but most importantly, ensuring that his daughter, Emily, who is seven years old, would be a princess. They have since declared their kingdom the Kingdom of North Sudan.

According to political science and international studies experts, while Heaton may have claimed the area for him and his family, he does not possess any real political control until he receives recognition and acknowledgement from neighboring countries (meaning Egypt and Sudan) or the United Nations. Heaton, however, remains hopeful that the neighboring countries or the U.N. will recognize him.

All in all, I’m not too sure what to say about this whole story. I definitely admire and respect Heaton’s devotion and care of his daughter and family. He didn’t just go the extra mile -he went several extra thousand miles to make his daughter feel special. So while I still think his whole claiming of this kingdom is a little random and pretty crazy, I give the guy credit for, first and foremost, being a great father. Now let’s just see how he makes out as a king.

Photo via Associated Press/Bristol Herald Courier, David Crigge

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