Fantastic Trumpet Player Performs Jazz Tunes Outside the DC Metro

Trumpet Player

To be honest, I’m not really someone who listens to jazz very often. The opening theme music to Homeland is probably the extent of my casual jazz listening habits. However, even though I’m not throwing the great Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, or Billie Holiday onto my typical iTunes playlist, good music is good music and I still appreciate it when it’s played, like in this video of a fantastic trumpet player who performs jazz music for people outside of the DC Metro.

When you watch the video, there may only be that one woman standing there, actually taking the time to enjoy and listen to the man’s fantastic trumpet playing abilities, but the size, or lack thereof, of the crowd does not always indicate the talent of the performer. And let’s get one thing really clear: this guy is good. Really good. Like “I hope he’s not just doing this for fun and has his own music gig” good.

And in addition to the stellar play from the trumpet player, this video is great simply because outside musical performances are, in my opinion, just intrinsically better. There’s something about the rawness and the spontaneity of these renditions of songs that make them extra special, no matter the style or genre of music. For example, two of my friends have started their own band (they’re called The Weekend Riot) and have, just in the past couple of weeks, performed on the streets of New York City and on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, and there’s just something so energetic and electric about the way they’re playing and singing during those performances – it’s different than anything I’ve seen them perform before. I wish more musicians and bands could take this approach, because it really allows for people to see you play your music in a different light.

Ultimately, what this video illustrates is the ability that music has to connect us all together. And if that’s too profound or pretentious for you, well, then, it just a fun video of a guy who’s really good at playing the trumpet, and that’s pretty cool in and of itself.

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