Family Helps Blind and Deaf Child Follow World Cup Which May Bring a Tear to Your Eye


Could you imagine being both blind and deaf, unable to enjoy the simplest of pleasures in life like listening to music, reading a book, or even watching your favorite sport? Well, one young soccer fan’s family isn’t letting his condition stop him from enjoying this year’s World Cup. A new video has come out showing the amazing lengths that this family goes to in order to help their blind and deaf child follow the action of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

If you watch the entirety of the eleven minute video, you can see all of the effort that this family has put in to ensuring that their son (I’m assuming it is their son) can understand what is going on during every play of every soccer game. First, the father and mother construct their own model soccer field, a direct replica of what the pitch for the World Cup looks like. Then the two of them devise a system to track what is going on in the game. The father takes his son’s hands and moves them around the miniature soccer field in accordance to what is happening on the television screen, while it looks like the mother provides a different type of sensory touch for each distinct play (one for a pass, one for a shot, etc.)

What I find so amazing and so inspiring about this story is the sheer amount of creativity and positivity that this family still possesses in the face of such adversity. When most people are faced with disabilities or disorders that they cannot control, they fall into a depression and remain stagnant, believing that there’s nothing that they can do to change or improve their situation.

Through love, dedication, and innovation, this family has shown that you can be both blind and deaf and still follow the World Cup, or do anything really. And you don’t need a new pair of eyes or set ears to do it – all you need is loving, caring people in your life.

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