Evil Elmo Sings “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” at Karaoke Competition

Evil Elmo

Sometimes I forget how wonderful and wacky of a place the internet is. Maybe it’s the constant flood of selfies and stupid tweets that has made me bitter. Or maybe it’s because my one roommate looks up the sickest and weirdest things ever and shows them to me in an attempt to be funny. I’m not sure, but no matter the reason, that’s why I have videos like this to remind me of the crazy, ridiculous, and always entertaining brilliance of the web.

This isn’t your kid’s happy-go-lucky, Sesame Street Elmo. No, this is the Elmo from your nightmares singing “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool at a karaoke competition. I’ve seen videos with Elmo cursing or flipping people off, but I’ve never seen something like this. To not just sing as Elmo but have him perform a song that is so anti-Elmo, so different from his sunny and happy personality, was an inspired choice,  and it made me laugh hard each time I watched it.

Ultimately, the guy doing the Elmo voice did win first prize in the competition, as he should have. Not only did he have the crowd laughing hysterically at the sheer audacity of his performance, but he absolutely nailed the Elmo voice throughout the entire number.

I have to wonder how he didn’t totally ruin his own voice by the end of the night. Anytime I sing karaoke (drunkenly, of course, cause there’s no way you’re getting me in front of people to sing while I’m sober), my voice is so hoarse the next day. I couldn’t imagine trying to sing in another person’s voice, especially one that’s so high-pitched. That requires some ridiculous talent. Gotta give credit where credit is due, and this guy certainly deserves all the attention he should get for this video. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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