Eli Manning Deserves an Award for Taking This Picture With a Screaming Kid

Eli Manning

I’ve never really liked Eli Manning all that much, but that most likely has to do with the fact that I’m an Eagles fan and also a pretty big supporter of Eli’s brother, Peyton. However, due to a new photo posted to Twitter by this New York politician, Sal Ablanese, I’m going to have reevaluate my opinion on Eli Manning. In the picture, Eli remains cool, calm, and professional while posing for a photo with Albanese’s grandson, Jimmy, who literally looks to be having the biggest tantrum in the world, like if he screamed any harder, his head may explode.

To be completely honest, I give more credit to the moms and dads of the world who have to deal with tantrums and screaming and crying on  a daily basis than I do to any NFL player. Sure, it’s amazing that you have the speed or agility to catch or throw a ball or run it in for a touchdown, but to be able to have the patience, strength, and grace to deal with upset, annoyed children, that’s where the real talent lies.

Therefore, the fact that Eli is able to do both essentially makes him a superhero. Seriously, though, in today’s world, where celebrities and athletes are (understandably so) all about their privacy and personal lives, it’s very refreshing to see a guy like Eli who not only took the time to take a photo with a fan but truly went the extra step by remaining calm and kind even though the kid was crying and screaming in his face.

Way to be classy, Eli.  I now have a great deal of respect for you. (But I’ll still never root for the Giants.)

Photo via @SalAlbaneseNYC


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