Duck Stampede is Both Hilarious and Terrifying


You’ve heard of the Running of the Bulls. You’ve seen Mufusa’s tragic death in The Lion King. But I’ve bet you’ve never seen this type of stampede before: a duck stampede. That’s right – a duck stampede, and I’m not making this up. It’s like something out the most ridiculously campy horror movie ever – Attack of the Ducks: Fear the Quack.

If I try to look at this somewhat seriously (no matter how hard that may be), it’s pretty scary. The sheer amount of ducks (as you can see for yourself in the video) is insane. It’s an army, and they appeared unified, for what purposes exactly I’m not really sure, but they must have greater intentions than getting fed bread at the local pond.  And frankly, even though they’re ducks and not geese, who can be incredibly ill-tempered and dangerous if you tick off the wrong one, I’d still be frightened to approach that many of them just because even if they can’t really trample you, they may be able to peck the living heck out of you.

Additionally, I’m not exactly sure where this video is taken from, but I can’t imagine the traffic hold up that these ducks would cause. Where I’m from, which is a pretty rural area, three or four ducks crossing the street is enough to hold up traffic for at least a couple of minutes. (Even when you honk your horn, the ducks still move slowly, and no one wants to be that jerk who is in such a rush that he runs over a family of ducks.) A full stampede of trucks just might be enough to cause a state of emergency.

Watch the video for yourself below and be amazed (and terrified) by the Quack-apocalypse that is now upon us.

Photo via LiveLeak

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