Donald Sterling Relaxes Poolside in Palm Springs With New Girlfriend

Donald Sterling

For those who were wondering (because I know so many of you, like myself, were worried), Donald Sterling is still alive, he still loves younger women, and I’m pretty sure he’s still racist, too. The disgraced LA Clippers owner, who was banned for life from the NBA and fined $2.5 million by NBA commissioner Adam Silver due to racist comments that he made, was seen spending  time with a new girlfriend as the two of them relaxed together poolside at the JW Marriott in Palm Springs, California.

Sterling was reportedly seen at the resort with two African-American and two Asian women, a fellow guest at the JW Marriott has said that they saw Sterling with those particular women on Friday and Saturday. However, Sterling was apparently never with those four women at the same time, and no pictures of the five of them together have surfaced.

The main photographic evidence of Sterling being at the JW Marriott in Palm Springs with whomever his new girlfriend (or girlfriends) is comes from the Instagram page of a man only known by his Instagram name: concert_mark.

For the record, Sterling is still married to his  wife, Rochelle, commonly referred to as Shelly. Sterling and Rochelle (I’d really, really get on changing that wife status to ex-wife if I was her) reportedly apparently an agreement to sell the LA Clippers to former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, for a reported $2 billion back on May 29th.

Sterling, who is 80 years old, is battling prostate cancer and, according to reports, has been sick with it for some time.

Photo via Instagram 

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