Derek Jeter Tells Joe Buck to Get Lost Before All-Star Game

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Derek Jeter got to do something last night before the MLB All-Star Game that every in the world has wanted to do at some point or another: tell Joe Buck to get lost. And it was pretty fantastic to watch.

In the video below, you can see as Joe Buck enters the American League clubhouse and keeps saying hello the each of the players, going through an awkward exchange with Miguel Cabrera before declaring Mike Trout the “Second Coming.” All this is before he turns to Derek Jeter and starts talking to him, but before Buck can really dive into a conversation, Jeter tops him and simply tells him that he’s got to go.

“We got a game to play, bro,” Jeter says in the video.

Now were all of these interactions with Joe Buck, including Jeter’s, staged? Oh most definitely. This was acting on everyone’s part, and everyone filled their role pretty perfectly, even Buck, who essentially just played a more enthusiastic version of himself (I don’t think I’ve heard Buck as excited about baseball he is in this video – dude loves football so much more).

However, even though this was all staged, even though it was all probably read off of a script that FOX itself made, it’s still fun to watch for Jeter’s delivery and to watch him get to do what every single fan out there wishes he could do. And hopefully this means that Joe Buck has a sense of humor about himself and is aware of how much he’s disliked. I mean, the guy literally has an entire Facebook page of haters dedicated to him.

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for SUFG

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