Derek Jeter Apparently Changed His Name During Last Night’s All-Star Game

83rd MLB All-Star Game

One of the better moments to come out last night’s MLB All-Star Game (much better than stupid non-controversial controversies) was this flub of a tweet from CBS News, which informed us that Derek Jeter had apparently changed his name during the middle of the game last night. As the tweet reads (and as you can see for yourself below), CBS News declared that “Michael Jeter takes bow at his final All-Star game.” That’s right, folks – Michael Jeter, not Derek Jeter. Thank you for the breaking news, CBS.

Obviously, this was just a major typo by who was handling CBS’s twitter last night. Maybe they were thinking about Michael Trout, or maybe they had watched Derek Jeter’s RE2PECT commercial, which features Michael Jordan in it, just too many times. No matter what happened, though, the result was completely and totally hilarious.

And the best part about it is that this minor mess up from CBS News didn’t take anything away from Derek Jeter’s night. Sure, people are talking about this tweet, but they’re talking more about Jeter’s double to start off the American League’s first inning rally. They’re talking about Jeter’s second hit, ensuring that the had a perfect two-for-two night. They’re talking about the multiple standing ovations that Jeter got throughout the game. And they’re talking about how much baseball will miss Derek Jeter, The Captain, who, without a doubt, is one of the most talented and most respected players to have ever played the game.

CBS News tweet

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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