Cubs Fan Pulls a Switcheroo When Throwing Back Home Run Ball

Cubs fan

A couple of months ago, we had a young Texas Rangers fan using the “switcheroo” technique to impress some pretty ladies, and now we have a Chicago Cubs fan also using a decoy ball, as he throws what everyone believes to be a home run ball back onto the field. However, like I said, it’s just a decoy – another ball that the guy had in his pocket, as he keeps the home run ball for himself.

Now, some people may be wondering why did this Cubs fan go through all that trouble to fake throwing the ball back? While throwing back an opposing team’s home run ball has become a more common practice among fans all across baseball, the tradition did originate in Chicago at Wrigley. Therefore, the Cubs fan standing out there in the bleachers needed to at least act like he was throwing the homer back – otherwise, he would have been disowned by his fellow fans (or something like that. I’m not sure how things are exactly done in Chicago, even though I’ve been to Wrigley and it’s by far my favorite ballpark in all of baseball).

In my opinion, even though this Cubs fan is going against tradition by keeping a homer hit by the visiting team, I’m kind of okay with it, just because of the effort the guy put into covering up what he did and just how clever it all was (even though the whole fake out does look kind of obvious when you watch the video of it). Check out the video of the epic switcheroo for yourself below and listen to what the Cubs fan has to say when he’s interviewed.

Photo via YouTube

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