Crazy Portugal Fan Creeps Up Behind Reporter

Crazy Portugal Fan

Have you ever seen the videos with all of the hilarious news channel bloopers? Well, this video from the World Cup, shows a pretty crazy looking Portugal fan who creeps up behind a reporter. What does he do you may ask? Does he dance around or put bunny ears behind the guys head? Does he wave around Portugal’s flag in pride? The answer: none of the above. No, all this fan does is just stare right into the camera, not changing his expression the entire time. I’m not going to lie – I found it a little creepy, even though I was laughing at it.

What I would like to know is what were this guy’s motives? Was he simply just trying to get on TV  in some way to get his fifteen seconds (in this case literally) of fame? Was he attempting to spook the cameraman as some sort of joke?

Typically, when sports fan appear on camera during a news report like that, especially during an event as big and loud as the World Cup, you would expect them to yell or scream or cheer. Not this guy, though.  He remains stoic throughout the entire report, never breaking eye contact or even letting a smirk drift across his face, until they finally cut away from him, and the entire table of sportscasters and analysts sit there laughing.

To understand just what I’m talking about, you’ve got to watch the video for yourself, which is posted below. It’s as if the Portugal fan is peering into your soul, but fair warning, this video may leave you with nightmares.

Photo via YouTube

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