This Couple May Be the First Humans to Travel to Mars

Mars Couple

What’s your dream date? Picnic on the beach? A candlelit dinner underneath the stars? Netflix, pizza, and a six pack of beer? Well, how about instead of any of them you got to travel into space with your significant other. That’s exactly what Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum are hoping to do, as they have plan in place to be the first humans ever to travel to Mars.

You might ask how the heck the two of them plan on doing this. Well, actually, Poynter and MacCallum have been planning out the details of their trip to Mars for 20 years, and now, there’s real chance that their hope of space travel may come true after they’ve founded their own private space company called Paragon Space Development Corporation.

Thanks to their company, the couple have been to figure out the most feasible way to travel to Mars, and even though it will still be incredibly challenging, they remain steadfast in making their dream a reality. Poynter and MacCallum still need to figure out a way to protect passengers from deadly radiation and have Congress agree to fund the endeavor. They also need permission to use the NASA Space Launch System and Orion crew vehicle for transport.

The mission, which is being called Inspiration Mars, is being led by millionaire space tourist (is that a real job) Dennis Tito. In order to realistically travel to Mars, the mission would need to occur during a small, specific period of time at the end of 2021. During then, Mars and Earth will align in a certain way that will make the trip an actual possibility.

This will definitely be an interesting story to follow over the next couple years. I’m all for people achieving their dreams, so I hope that Poynter and MacCallum figure out a way to make this whole mission work. Until then, though, I guess they’ll just have to settle for looking up at the stars like the rest of us do.

Photo via 11Alive

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