Colombian Fans Still Celebrate After Colombia Loses to Brazil

Colombia fans

Now these are the type of people that you call true fans. This what you call national pride. Even after their soccer team suffered a 2-1 loss to Brazil in the quarterfinals, Colombia’s fans were still able to put aside their disappoint and celebrate the bigger picture, which is that Colombia made it as far as it did in the World Cup.

For me, this is the way that all sports fans should act all the time. While it’s understandable to be upset about your favorite team losing or being eliminated from a specific series or tournament, we should focus on how well our teams and players did and the strength it took for them to get as far as they did, rather than pick apart what the possible mistakes they made in their last appearances.

I’ll probably sound preachy by saying this, but if there were more celebration and promotion of what people do well instead of harsh criticism and comments of what they maybe don’t do as well, the world would be a much better place. Sports play such an integral part in our culture, not nationally either, but (as seen by events like the World Cup and the Olympics) on a global scale as well. If players, coaches, and fans bring more positive energy to the sports they play, manage, and watch, who knows the kind of effect it could have on other aspects of our lives.

Anyway, all that it is a really long-winded and overly written way of saying well done, Colombia fans. To me at least, you guys will serve as an inspiration of how to handle challenge and loss and how to also proudly cheer on your team, no matter the outcome of any game.

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