Classic WWE Moments: Piper’s Pit Featuring Frank Williams


I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have to do a running series on Piper’s Pit. In case you newcomers are wondering what Piper’s Pit is, it was the best interview show in the history of wrestling. I mean today if Piper’s Pit was a late night talk show I would easily tune it. Rowdy Roddy Piper was host and essentially just made fun of virtually all of guests. And if they were guests he hated, he eventually got into fights with them and completely humiliated them onstage. And if there was any video better to start with I can’t think of one than this interview with really really bad wrestling Frank Williams. Anyway, here are three things you should notice.

1. Check out this guy Frank Williams’ outfit. Are you kidding me?
2. Wait until Piper starts imitating him.
3. Superman Shirt and a Kilt. Enough said.

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