Chris Jericho Awesomely Returned to the WWE on Raw Last Night

Chris Jericho

I admitted in the article that I just wrote recently about Wrestlemania that I haven’t watched wrestling in forever. So when I heard a WWE wrestler’s name that I actually recognized, Chris Jericho, I had to check out what was going on. Turns out that Chris Jericho awesomely returned to the WWE on Raw last night. He whooped some punk named “The Miz,” who seemed to be your typical, over-acting type foe, before then getting attacked by I believe they are called the Wyatt Family, a group of ridiculous dudes with ZZ Top beards who are attempting to be scary and intimidating but ultimately just end up looking like Charles Manson caricature cutouts.

While I’m sure not much has changed about wrestling since I watched it, it sure seemed to be a whole lot more ridiculous than I remember it being in the video from last night’s Raw, especially those Wyatt Family dudes, who seemed to be taking everything way too seriously for my liking (I mean, the one dude was even wearing a mask that looked like it was used in the first The Purge movie).  I think that’s why it was so comforting to see a guy I knew and recognized from my time watching the WWF/WWE there. Even though there was an incredible amount of ridiculous stuff going on around him, Chris Jericho’s presence, at least for me, made it all still pretty good. Plus, the dude just oozes so much charisma, he’s hard not to like.

Watch the video of Jericho’s return for yourself below.

Photo via YouTube

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