Cheesy 80s Songs that Rule: “Two Hearts” By John Parr


What can I say?  We’re huge fans of John Parr around here.  And can you blame us?  The dude wrote St. Elmo’s Fire.  However, there’s another know tune by Mr. Parr that you guys might not be familiar with.  If any of you have seen the movie American Anthem then you might recognize this tune.   And if you haven’t seen American Anthem?  Then you have to.  It’s definitely in my cheeseball 80s sports movies vault.  Starring a young Mitch Gaylord (real gymnast) and Janet Jones, it’s the story of a young man whose kind of down on his luck.  He’s a former gymnast looking to essentially get back into the game.

I’m leaving out a ton of details here but let’s just say you have to see it.  P.S. Michael Pataki (Drago’s coach in Rocky IV) is in this movie and he’s great.   Also, Janet Jones does a ridiculous amount of splits and I’ve never seen her look that good, ever.  Seriously.  You have to see this flick.

Anyway, here’s the virtual theme song from that movie.   It’ll definitely pep you up today.  Enjoy!

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