Cheesy 80s Songs That are Awesome: “Oh L’Amour,” Erasure


Put it this way.  When it comes to the band Erasure, I would never include the songs “A Little Respect” or “Chains of Love” if that’s what you guys were thinking.  Why?  Because those songs are just downright awesome and by no means embarrassing or even cheesy.  If you think they’re cheesy you’re just embarrassed to say they’re awesome.  Period.

But if you take this video, and this song, I gotta say admitting that you like this song (and video, which I certainly don’t admit) means one of two things:   One.  You are really really secure in your manliness or two, you are starting to question whether or no you actually are in fact a man.   And let’s just get this on the table right now.  I have gay friends.  I know plenty of folks that are gay.  And I can guarantee you this.  They would flat out say to me that this video is gay.  And not in any kind of mean or slurry way.  I can guarantee they’d just laugh while saying it.

So relax people.  I mean it in the nicest possible way.  That said, I kind of feel like dancing to YMCA right now.  See for yourself.  Still though, great song!

Image via Youtube

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