Why Chauncey Billups Made the Right Decision Turning Down the Cavs

There are a lot of people scratching their heads at the decision of Chauncy Billups to not take over the GM spot for the Cavs. The offer seemed very generous and would give him a chance to prove that he can in fact take over for a franchise and show just what he can bring to the position. But there are also those that believe he made the right choice in turning it down. He had his reasons obviously and no one can really fault him for doing what he felt was right. Sometimes the moment isn’t quite right or the location, but it’s up to the individual to make sure that they do what’s right for them.

As I said, Billups had his reasons, and here’s a few of them.

He didn’t want to uproot his family.

As of right now Billups has two daughters that are going to school in Denver and he doesn’t wish to disrupt their lives by making a decision that could move the entire family several states away. Living with a professional athlete in the house, or even someone that’s connected to professional sports, often means that the family has to weather the long periods of time in between when they get to see their family. Billups is no doubt wanting to spend as much time as he can get with his family, which is honorable and very inspirational. Taking a job for the Cavs would have meant taking his family away from everything they know at the moment, which is tough to do.

It’s just not the right time.

A host of opinion writers will no doubt profess to know or reason just why Billups didn’t take the job. They might cite money, control, or a personal philosophy that just doesn’t mesh with taking over for the Cavs right now. Personally I think he’s making a judgment call that to him seems right. The last people anyone wants to be accountable to are critics, and Billups is no doubt taking this time to focus on what he loves to do and what he’s good at so far. That he could become a successful GM isn’t in question, but it’s whether he could become a successful GM for a team that might very well lose it’s biggest star sooner or later.

The Lebron issue. 

Lebron James hasn’t made any decisive issue on where he wants to go yet, but it’s not too likely that he’ll stay with the Cavs. Whether fans like him or hate him there’s a definite lack of loyalty in a guy that will go will where he feels he can win versus the guy that will stick around and help his team push forward after a loss. Billups definitely wants to take over a team where the players feel they are valued and want to stay, but in the case of Lebron the issue of going away and coming back could be a very big stumbling block between a star player and a GM. When there’s no loyalty to the team the GM is under no obligation to bring such a player back, and if Billups had taken the job, there could have easily been friction between himself and Lebron. That wouldn’t have helped the team at all.

In  the end Billups made the right call for himself. One day he might step into the GM roll and rock it without question. When that day comes though it’ll be because he’s ready.


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