Bruce Lee Will Be a Playable Character in New UFC Video Game


EA Sports owns the sports-related gaming market – at least they do in our minds. Their innovation and overall quality is really second to none. While we’ve been going about our lives, they’ve been working on the next iteration of their UFC video game. To no one’s surprise, they’ve taken it to another level.

Enter the Dragon….According to reports, Bruce Lee, one of the most remarkable martial artists ever, will be a playable character in the new video game. EA has revealed that in order to play as Lee in the game you can pre-order it and get the chance to fight as Lee on day one or step into the Octagon and earn your way to Lee. (Seriously, who’s going to pre-order the game with Lee available from the get-go? Earn it!)

The video below shows several fighters and Dana White weighing in on the legend. It’s a surprise that this hasn’t been done before? It’s Bruce freakin’ Lee! You can be sure that Chuck Norris is going to be added to a game as well. Anyway, pretty awesome addition to the EA lineup and definitely an upgrade for UFC video games. Check out the video, it’s pretty sweet.

Image via YouTube

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