Brock Holt Runs From Center Field to Left Field to Make an Absurd Catch

Brock Holt

Boston Red Sox center fielder Brock Holt made an absolutely absurd diving catch in left field in last night’s game against the Minnesota Twins. What made this catch so special? Well, how about Holt made the catch in left field while he was playing center.

Brian Dozier was up at the plate for the Twins last night when he hit what appeared to be a routine fly ball to left field. Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes appeared to have the easy, typical catch lined up, but it turns out that he actually had lost the ball in the lights and had no idea where it was.

Enter Brock Holt, who had been tracking the ball the entire time and dove backwards, towards the Green Monster, to make the catch and relieving the stress of Red Sox starter Jonathan Lester. When the ball had first been hit, Holt had been to the right of second base out in center field. The fact that he could run that fast, catch up to the ball, and make that catch is literally insane.

Now, despite the already obvious impressiveness of the catch to begin with, what makes it even better is that this was that last night’s game was the first that Holt had ever center field, and e had never played any outfield position until just nine days ago. Holt is originally a middle infielder, who has also played some first base. Well, at this rate, I can’t wait until he gives catching a try and throws out runners at second and third in the same inning. Or when he starts his first game as a pitcher and throws a complete game shutout.

Check out the video of Holt’s stupendous catch below, and also, if you were curious, the Red Sox ended up beating the Twins 2-1.

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