Brent Musburger Was Serenaded by Country Singer Tyler Barham

Brent Musburger

College football announcer Brent Musburger is apparently a big fan of country music. According to a post on Instagram, Musburger and his wife were serenaded by country singer Tyler Barham and Baraham’s songwriting collaborator John Griffin (who posted the photo above to Instagram) at their table at an event.  In the Instagram post, Griffin says, “Sunday Tyler and I gave a table side serenade to Brent Musburger and his wife. And that’s something I never imagined would happen.”

Obviously, Brent Musburger is very well known. He was an announcer on CBS for almost 20 years before joining ABC and ESPN. Throughout his career, he has covered literally almost every sport: MLB games, NBA games, golf tournaments, horse racing, the Indianapolis 500, the Little League World Series, soccer games, college football games (obviously), and NFL games. Plus, just earlier this year in March, it was announced that Musburger, along with Jesse Palmer, were going to be the lead game announcers for the new SEC Network that ESPN is launching in August.

Tyler Barham, on the other hand, is not nearly as well known as Musburger. Barham is a country singer/songwriter from Montana, who, like many, many other musical artists of the 21st century, got his start on YouTube. He has released five different EPs, including a Christmas one, over the past few years, since 2007. Some of his songs have broken into the Top 20 on the country music chart on iTunes.

Even though Barham isn’t a major recording artist, I still love to see different types of worlds, like sports and music colliding. And in some ways, it’s even cooler that Barham isn’t that big of a name. To him, Musburger was the only celebrity in the room that day, and it’s pretty awesome to see how revered and beloved some of the sports’ best announcers are, even in today’s world.

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