Brazil Fan Interrupts Ukrainian Reporter After Loss to Germany

Brazil Fan 2

While I cheered the good sportsmanship of a Brazil fan yesterday, today I find myself questioning the rude (but hilarious) behavior of another Brazil fan, who, in the video below, mercilessly berates a Ukrainian reporter who is just doing his job. Unfortunately for fans of Brazil’s national soccer team, the Ukrainian reporter’s job at that moment was talking about the brutal, humiliating defeat that Brazil suffered to Germany, losing 7-1 in their own country.

I totally understand being upset and angry, especially after such a tough loss on your home turf. Anytime the Phillies lose to the Braves or Mets at Citizens Bank Park or the Giants or Cowboys beat the Eagles at the Linc, my fellow Philadelphia fans and I become deeply upset before turning to anger and frustration. It’s a feeling that any and all sports fans can relate to, and with the loss being on this large of the stage, the World Cup, with Brazil so close to making it to the finals in front of their home fans, I totally get how it could sting way more than your typical home team loss. However, I don’t think that excuses this dude’s behavior. Sure, like I said, it’s funny to sit here and watch all the awkwardness unfold, but if you’re actually that Ukrainian reporter, just attempting to do your job, I could see how the Brazil fan’s incredibly rude behavior could be just as frustrating as watching your favorite team lose.

You can hear just exactly what exactly the Brazil fan says to the reporter for yourself by playing the video, but fair warning, it may be NSFW for some.

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